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5 Ideas Of Special Night

Love is a feeling that cannot be described by words. Any kind of arrangement of alphabets cannot completely show the depth of the fondness you have for someone. Proposing to your one is a somewhat tough job and you have to ensure certain things, before requesting someone out. This article, detail some few perfect situations to make sure that it can be the most special night for you two:

1. Take her out for a long drive:

Take her out for a long drive
It can be understood that it has been a long time, since you are waiting to tell her about your feelings, then What is more comforting than a long drive, with someone you love? It is such moments, where you forget your tensions and problems for some time and start enjoy the beauty of nature. To drive her through the freeway; make her feel relaxed, and then express your feeling and how much love you have for her. It will, definitely, become a very special night.

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2. To express it through a song:

To express it through a song
Women love to be cheesy. Nothing more than be a cheesier, then just simply singing a song for her. Sing her a song or play something like a guitar at a candle light dinner. Find some most peaceful places for dinner, and have her to listen this song. Then see her expression and her smile, and then express your feelings within a few words. Try to kiss her on the cheek. It will be the most special of nights.

3. Make her food:

Make her food
Cooking is probably the most special thing you can do for her. Every Women completely love it when a guy cooks for her. You may not be an expert cook, but your exertion would display her how much you love and care for her; how much her smile means to you. Surf the internet; view the recipe books; try out different dishes and practice them and served it in front of her on that special night. Have her taste the food before you propose to her.

4. If you cannot say it, record it:

If you cannot say it, record it
It can be understood, that it is a tough task for anyone, to look into her lover’s eyes and propose her but there is a solution too. Simply Record your message. Do not openly rush to the main point. Start slowly firstly compliments her and tell the memories you both share. Then tell her how much you admire the bond you have with her and then propose. Remember! Your words mean a lot.

5. Surprises, surprises and some more surprises:

Surprises, surprises and some more surprises
Women love surprises. Give her gifts, candle light dinners and her smile surely enlighten your world. Women love men who remember every detail about them. Know what she loves and gave her favorite stuff. Surprise her with remembering dates, like the first time you met, the day you exchanged phone numbers. She maybe hesitates to say a yes, until she is assured of the fact that you are a keeper. Make her realize how much you respect her.