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7 Alternative Words to Boyfriend That Sound Much Better

My beloved 

This word will keep on reminding keep that how much you love him and how much he means to you.


Significant other.

We all know about the meaning of the word significant (important to be worthy of). If he really is that important to you then don’t be hesitant to use this term.



This word shows that you both were destines to be with each other. It highly depicts that you both were made for each other, if you feel so then start using this term today.


My better half.

This word means that your boyfriend has completed you in every way. He has completed you and those part of you which were empty before he came in your life.


My intended.

This word shows that with your partner you are intending to do so many things, like marrying him, spending time with him etc. Basically it shows that you are planning your future with him.



This word depicts that for you he is your everything and you know that he is going to be there for you whenever you need him is tough times.



This word basically shows that how much you admire him and how much you are fond of him and most importantly how much you love him.