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7 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

  1. Fear of getting rejected. This is the most common reason. This is going to prevent you from excelling your love life. You have to put yourself out there and f ace the world with full confidence.
  2. You have unrealistic standards. You have an image of a perfect flawless guy or perfect bikini body girl but trust me those things are only in movies. You have to lower your expectations otherwise your unrealistic expectations will never be met.
  3. You are having hard time moving on. This main reason being your prolonged single status is because you still have feelings for your ex and you just can’t get over him and the relationship that you guys had.
  4. You are really bad at commitments. You might have issues regarding getting emotionally attached to someone or becoming dependent on someone or most importantly getting hurt
  5. You value own self a little too much as in you love being a ‘free spirit ‘than getting tied down to just one person.
  6. You have low self-esteem you are not comfortable and happy with the way your body looks
  7. You have no idea what you want. You still need to prioritize your stuff and figure out everything in your life but most importantly organize your life.