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7 Ways to Decorate like an Adult Instead of a College Kid

  1. If you have a lot of posters in your room or even one poster just get rid of them no matter how much you love them and replace it with a beautiful and very delicate photo frame.
  2. We all know how much college girls love fairy lights in their room but trust me if you want to decorate your room like a grown up just get rid of those light and use garland.
  3. Yes plug in air freshener is an essential for everyone but if you swar it with an amazing smelling candle you will make your room look a lot mature.
  4. Get rid of those fun coloured bed sheets and find something that is less colourful, subtle and more mature.
  5. If you have stray bottles everywhere trust me its time you need some changes in your room. Go for shopping and buy a liquor cabinet or a fancy cart to hold all of your alcohol.
  6. Everybody loves mason jars but if you want to decorate like an adult get rid of those mason jars and use fancy vase instead.
  7. We are always going to need full length mirror but now that you are an adult you should go for the one that stands on its own.