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Easy Nail Art Hacks You Can Do Yourself

  1. Sometimes buying glitter nail polish ends up kind of expensive when in small budget. But you can make your DIY glitter nail polish. All you are going to need is glitter and any clear nail polish. Mix them together and voila.
  2. If you want to mattify any nail colour all you have to do is to apply any nail colour and let it dry. Now add cornstarch to clear nail polish and use it as an instant matte top coat.
  3. We all know making precise polka dots on your nails can be a hard job. But we have got you covered, just use the tip of a bobby pin and create comfortable and exceptionally neat polka dots.
  4. So you just finished doing a gorgeous and complicated nail art and now you are worried that your nail might get smudged. To get out of the tension all, you need to do is to spray your nails with cooking oil to prevent those stains.
  5. If you want to make you nail colour last a lot longer, then soak your nails in the bath of white vinegar and water.
  6. It sure is pretty hard to pick up tiny rhinestones. But we have a hack to make this job easy, all you will require is a pencil, it can be from lip pencil to eye pencil, pick your rhinestones using that pencil, apply a bit if pressure and now you can place it where ever you like on your nail.
  7. Do you want instant naturally whiter nail at home? Then all you have to do is to combine hot water and hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and soak in your nails for a minute.
  8. Worried about ruining your freshly applied nail polish? Just put your nails under running cold water or in a bowl of icy cold water and dry your nails instantly.