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Eyeshadow Guides Every Girl Should Know


The makeup is the very important thing for a girl beauty and the makeup is also a boon for the women that help to pump up the beauty. Every woman wants to have the right makeup for better looks and the makeup is not easy thing it is an artistic work, so some of the women doesn’t able to do the makeup by her own, but today we are sharing some eyeshadow hacks that helps you to learn the right way to have the makeup.
Here we have these helpful tips. Have a look.

These are some basics for you.

Some Basic Information about Your Brushes:
1. For the best looking with the white liner, make some less pigmented eye:
For the better and cute look for your eyes, if you try white liner instead of black liner, will give less pigmented eye in a result. It looks so cool.
2. Make your eyes look bigger with the shadow just elongate your lid:
If you want to make your eyes bigger than normal, I am going to tell you the trick, if you elongate the shape according to your eye lid, it gives your eye a broader look.
3. For better makeup use tape:
If you feel that your makeup, eyeliner or mascara spread all over the face during makeup. Try using tape. It is the best idea to save yourself from spoiling your makeover.
4. For different eye colors use different shades that pop up your eye glow:
Stop using only one eye shade, color on your eyes because it looks the same. Try using different shades that pop up your eye glow. Keep on trying different colors.
5. For an everyday look, the OMBRE technique is perfect:
Now a day’s OMBRE fashion is too much in fashion. Celebrities are seen with it. For an everyday look, you can try OMBRE looking.
6. For the bigger eyes, flip your shadow up:
Bigger eyes are linked by age of every girl. For bigger eyes, flip your shadow up. It will a broader and wider look of your eye.
7. Use less alcohol for the broken eyeshadow:
Mostly we have a problem that our eyeshadow gets broken. To settle it up, try alcohol in it.
8. If you are in the rush so keep this basic structure in mind:
If you have some instant part to go, and you don’t know what to wear, what to makeover, keep this basic structure for yourself in mind.
9. For making a pretty lip color, mix a bright color with the plain lip balm:
Lips are the most prominent part of a girl. It gives a glamorous and sexy look. For pretty lip color, mix a bright color powder with any plain lip balm. It gives a very awesome look.