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First Date Vs. 21st Date

Hour before the date

On your first date you would do some abs exercise maybe crunches to make it look like you have abs and also to impress him but on the 21st date, you might be taking a nap or you would be doing normal house chores.

First move

On your first day, you both must be waiting and tossing up on who’s going to make the first move, probably because you both are shy but by 21st date you both really don’t care about the first move as much as talking to each other.

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The next morning

The morning after your first date, you will think about him and stare at his face book pictures but the morning after your 21st date you will just keep on sleeping and you won’t even be bothered about what happened last night.

At your place.

When you bring him to your place after the first date, you would want to make sure that everything is perfect place. But after 21st date you will literally hang it all out. Because at this point you don’t care what he thinks about your house.

While he is in bathroom.

On 1st date while he is in bathroom, you want all your friends to know how much you liked him and you would reply to all of your girlfriend’s messages but by 21st date when he is in washroom, you are now interested in doing something more natural maybe catching up on some tweets.


On 1st date if he notices any flaw in you like a scare or something you will hide it with some grand and glorious cover up story but by 21st date, you will tell every detail to him about your flaw.