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Forget Water: Put These Things in Ice Cube Trays to Make Something Incredible!

Frozen coffee cubes

Frozen coffee cubes is such a brilliant idea for summers when you want to kick off that heat.

Frozen yogurt.

We all worry that yogurt is going to expire. But guess what you can easily freeze your yogurt into ice cubes and then defrost it and eat even after its expiry date. Freezing increases, the life of the yogurt.

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Frozen water melon ice cubes

everyone loves water melon in their summer drinks and you don’t exactly need the use water melon juice for that purpose. Just deseed water melon and cut it in cube, pop it in ice cube tray and enjoy it in your drinks this summer.

Pureed peach ice cubes.

For this all you have to do is to puree r mash the plum of peaches and pop it in the ice cube try. Add these ice cubes to literally anything.

Frozen wine ice cubes

This hack is great to re-use leftover wine. Don’t throw any your left over wine but instead freeze it in ice cube tray and use it in any sangria recipe.

Frozen chicken broth

For this simmer the chicken broth in a sauce pan to evaporate the water content and make the chicken broth quite thick. Put it inside of ice cube strays and use it in any dish that say chicken broth is needed.

Frozen layered jelly

For this amazing idea, just put one layer of layered jelly let it freeze first, then add second layer of jelly. Insert a tooth pick inside of it when it is halfway done. This will create small jelly popsicles at home. Enjoy this treat this summer either on beech of with kids in your backyard.