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Incredible Turquoise Nail Tutorial

Turquoise and grey lines

This is such an easy and sophisticated nail art to do. All by apply three layers of turquoise nail paint on all the nail and let it dry completely. On one nail use nail art strips making a zig zag pattern and the apply two coats of dark grey nail paint. Let the grey nail paint dry first before removing the nail art strips. Top it with clear top coat.

Turquoise and black splatter.

For this funky nail art, all you will need is a straw, along with black and turquoise nail polishes. Start by apply turquoise nail polish and let it dry first. Now dip straw in black nail polish and blow the other end of the straw on your nails. do this on all of the nails and finish it with clear top coat.

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Turquoise and back feather love.

For this elegant nail art look, all you will need is a black father nail art sticker. Start by painting you nail with turquoise nail paint and let it dry. Now dip the nail art sticker in water or rubbing alcohol and apply that sticker on your nails. finish it with top coat and voila.

Black birds with turquoise.

This is the easiest nail art look one can do. Just paint your nails with three coats of turquoise nail polish and let it dry completely. Now using nail art stamp, stamp the black birds at the side of each nail. Let it dry out and then finish it with clear top coat.

Turquoise with black and white chevron print

For this nail art look, paint four of your nails with turquoise coloured nail polish and let it dry out completely. Now on the remaining nail, paint that nail with white nail polish. Use chevron strips on the nail and add black colour alternatively. Let it dry, then top it with top coat.