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Is Your Partner Cheating? Here’s How To Know For Sure.

They don’t find you sexually attractive anymore

There was a time, when he would get turned on just by looking at you. But now even if you wear your sexiest lingerie he still won’t find you sexually attractive. Your relationship depends a lot on physical contact.

Random plan

You are pretty sure that you know where your partner is all the time but all of a sudden if you start to notice sudden plans like sudden meetings, dinner plan with their boss, then this is a sign that something else is going on in their life other than you.

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No more eye contact

Eye contact is the key to a strong relationship and eye contact also tell a lot about what is going on with the other person. If your partnerdoes not make eye contact with you anymore, you should know that they are cheating and they can’t face you because you are afraid that you might see the deception in their cheating eyes.

They are extra nice to you.

Being nice to your partner is a good thing but when you start being extra nice to your partner then defiantly it is a bad sign and you need to watch out for that. They might be making up for something which they have not told you yet.


Remember the time when you both used to share EVERY DAMN THING? But now all of a sudden you have started to feel that your partner has become shelled, they won’t let you in their life as much as they used to. You should defiantly be worried about this.