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Shocking Cold Weather Hacks

Warm bed

We all struggle from warming our bed when going to sleep the best way to warm your bed in winter for comfortable sleep in by putting a warm water bottle under your blanket or quilt. This will warm your bed so much faster and will keep it warmed up for a long time.

Shovelling snow hack

In winters we all struggle from getting snow off from our shovel with this hack you can easily do it. Just spray your shovel with non-stick cooking spray or brush it with oil before shovelling the snow. This will make snow slide right off.

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Frozen windshield hack

You know the time in winters when ice freeze on your windshield and makes wipers freeze as well. Well, with this simple hack you can get rid of it, just soak a cloth in rubbing alcohol and then wipe down your windshield with it and also the wipers to melt the ice.

Wet boots hack

When we come back from outside in winters, the snow makes the inside of our boots wet and to dry it out it takes ages, just try this hack to get rid of this. Stuff the inside of your wet boots with newspaper, this will help absorb moisture quickly.

Waterproof boots at home

You dint have waterproof boots? No problem, we have got you covered, just put on one layer of socks and then wrap your feet in plastic bags or plastic shoppers. Now put on another pair of socks over the layer of plastic bags to make DIY waterproof boots.

Avoid cotton in winters

Don’t go for cotton sweaters in winter because cotton sweaters will stay wet even when you warm it. Opt for wool or synthetic fabrics in winters.