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Super-Cool DIY Ideas

Fireflies jar.Fireflies jar.

For this DIY fireflies jar. Just cut open 1 or 2 glow sticks and shake all the contents of it in a glass jar. Add diamonds and glitters if you want more glow. Close the lid of the jar and shake the jar. Voila

DIY coffee scented candles.DIY coffee scented candles

To make these amazing coffee scented candles, in a bowl add ground coffee beans. In the same bowl put one to two non-scented floating candles. As the candle flame will burn it will release beautiful aroma of the coffee beans around your room.

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Perfect fried egg.Perfect fried egg

Do you want a perfect round fried egg in your breakfast?  Try this hack. Cut an onion in ring. Place the ring in an oiled frying pan, now put egg inside the ring. Once done remove the onion from the egg. Voila you have a perfect round egg for your breakfast.

Customised mugs.Customised mugs

To make customised mugs at home, just write or draw whatever you want on your mug using a black permanent marker. Pop the mug in oven for about 15 mins and voila you have your very own customised mug.

Vintage vaseVintage vase

To make vintage DIY vase at home. Start by painting an old vase in black matte paint. Now use quarter coins and glue those coins on the outside of the vase using hot glue gun.

Glitter planet.Glitter planet

Love glitter and want glitter everywhere? Just mix together glitter and white glue or mod podge and put it on anything that you want like shoes, laces, phone covers etc.

DIY canvas ombre.DIY canvas ombre.

For this amazing DIY ombre canvas, just glue down crayons on canvas in colour order from right to left. Use blow dryer over the crayons to melt down the colour and this will leave you amazing and mesmerizing ombre strips.