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The 16 Prettiest Nails for Valentine’s Day

Vacation based totally nails are the holiday based totally braces of the person international, except manner cuter and manner extra socially appropriate. This Valentine’s Day, you can dress up in a extra subtle manner- with cutesie nail designs which are so smooth that you may do them yourself proper in your private home!

1. Crimson hot Lips666f491f-01f1-48e6-a627-fa9f4e80d457

2. Lacey female hands3ea7be07-9a8b-46fc-8ef6-94296eae97ba

3. Scrabble Nail artf6a3433b-3196-4b2c-b5f2-14e3e57e0f46

4. Metallic Heartsffa9d5d3-df57-4a5a-9f57-e52eb7e91651

5. Love Spell Nailsb6217c22-c138-485f-a323-9e16b787f055

6. Balloon Hearts183983fb-7059-4189-bf1f-72231f4646d6

7. Conversation Hearts8d3efe95-9de3-4b03-af97-12bbfbe0efea

8. Holographic Heartbeatf7afbbca-5cbb-4dab-852f-7b43af59ea44

9. Layered Hearts3d014d72-5f65-4cf3-b00d-8ea4582ce304

10. Glittered Hearts7714e726-66a4-4847-8dab-6d6fe491ab4f

11. Ombre Hearts96db3797-1025-4316-8681-3fa4d71dec4e

12. Swan Love Nailsb13959be-fd53-413c-bffc-04c833eea808

13. Valentine’s Minionsa1d002ba-c24a-4470-a360-b28137b5c03c

14. Brilliant Stripesc52144b2-e8d4-4463-a8be-cb56feb17d49

15. Gradient Kissa7792471-d08d-4618-80ab-86680a276fd6

16. Minnie Mouse Nails3c83697c-424c-4dd6-a52e-1c8f9805ce56