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This Russian Tattoo Artist’s Glitchy Tattoos Are Incredible

An ode to our digital age, Russian artist Lesha Lauz has created a signature tattoo style based on digital system defects. He makes use of brilliant shades and cool animated film inspired pics that include hard edges with a few pixelated spots.ef49caba-5588-4a47-a553-10fa78b4921c
The tough lines create a digital searching picture, even as the pixels are just like the ultimate bit that hasn’t loaded but. The pixels do not take away or distract from the photo; they enhance the appearance.b7244a07-79b6-42cf-b5f1-7425c428c164
The pixels are a smart combo of all of the colorations and shades that exist elsewhere within the piece.9555d13a-f297-4486-a8df-33ef0a6224cc
Generally, Lauz uses animals as suggestion for his paintings.52e44c3e-e6c6-4d4e-90ee-c6e0ef5e1d14
Lauz calls his style “pixel and glitch” because of the incomplete “glitchy” look the pixels provide his worke1091dee-7b23-4df4-b617-f29e86ccb554.
The snap shots look as even though they haven’t quite finished loading on a computer display.e5310a25-0c09-4a00-999b-1de279501247
You can nevertheless inform obviously what the photo is, despite the “pixel and glitch.”00380227-3886-4c1c-aa64-2ea88a132a03
due to the element he places into his portions, they have an extremely layered and textured appearance.72207c18-249c-4810-b913-dee98e553806
His artwork is based off of drawings he started to do with Copic markers.4c8c6912-ac11-4f50-bcbe-418b0fd40c70
He starts offevolved with the aid of drawing regular animals and items.dd169cb6-b7d5-4369-a65c-04b13105da93
Then provides a textured element with the aid of pixelaing a few part of the image the usage of the identical shades used in the piece.3f58b531-f146-4758-92eb-13a95774629e
On occasion the pixels were constituted of the surrounding colors, and on occasion they blended all colors used inside the piece.6762a683-43b4-4933-90eb-40cd96e6e08c
Commonly Lauz makes use of animals in his works. b9ad18b1-3f4b-487a-9609-0bc9d2f7b979

But he is also inspired via nature.8f718734-1296-40d7-a1c6-e9b95f483eae
And may even do pop-culture.e2ed99a8-188f-4ed0-bd30-1b5c0dce77de