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Unexpected DIY Beauty Tricks

Conditioning with coconut oil

If you have wavy or curly hair you should condition your hair more often than people with straight hair. Conditioning protects your curls or waves and it also adds shine. The best at home inexpensive conditioner isusing coconut oil after o before bath for best results.

Even skin tone with lemon

We all know that out skin tends to get a little discoloured over a period of time when attention is not given. The best natural way to treat your skin and get even skin tone is by using lemon. Just rub freshly cut lemon on discoloured elbows and knees to soften and whiten the dark areas.

DIY hand lotion

You can get softer hands with the simple DIY hand lotion. In a container mix together drops of tee tree oil, lavender oil, banana and your fav cold cream. Voila!

De-stress more often

You know after a long tiring day we need a nice time to ourselves to relax. Ditch the shower for relaxation and go for just lying down in a dark room with relaxing scented candles and clam yourself in there.

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DIY exfoliation scrub

Exfoliation is something that our skin needs every once in a while to stay beautiful and healthy skin. To make DIY body scrub just mix together 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup raw oatmeal and 1 cup olive oil. Apply this mixture to dry skin to exfoliate it to get soft and smooth skin.

Become best friends with olive oil

Olive oil can be a bit greasy but when you apply it to your face it not only nourishes your skin and provides softness but it also boosts up the immune system and assist in facial cleansing. It you don’t like the smell of olive oil then add sugar to change the smell and enhance the oil.