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WOW amazing DIY tutorials

DIY fancy disco collar

For this DIY you will need hot water, old CDs, shirt with collars, scissors and strong glue. Start by putting CDs in the hot water for about 20 mins to soften them up. Now cut small and random pieces of CDs. Put glue on the front part of the pieces and paste it on the collar of the shirt. Make sure that the shiny part of the CD is visible. Do this procedure until the whole collar is covered with the pieces of CD and enjoy your new shirt.

DIY glitter shoes

For this gorgeous glitter DIY tutorial you will need glitter, tape, shoes and mod podge. Start by making a V on the back of your shoes, above the heels using tape. Apply mod podge in the area inside the tape and sprinkle glitter over mod podge. Add about 2 coats of glitter. Once the last coat is completely dried, apply mod podge over the glitter this will seal in all the glitter and prevent it from falling everywhere.

Hack for oversized jeans

If you have a pair of jean at home that is way longer than your length? Then this hack is perfect to make the best out of those oversized jeans. Start by measuring the length that you want to keep your jeans in. mark it on your jeans. Fold the part that is below your mark in a very neat manner. Stitch the sides of the folded part of the jeans to make sure that it does not open during the day. Enjoy your chic new jeans.

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DIY hangers.

Are you sick of your dresses and shirts falling off your hangers? Follow these simple steps of prevent your clothes from sliding off your hangers. All you will have to do is to take hot glue gun and make rings on the both ends of the hanger and wait for it to dry. Now hang your clothes over this without worrying about them falling off.